So Consensus Distributed is over, and it was great, in particular the Zoom networking part. The networking was so good in fact that I decided to establish regular networking open hours.

As I was asked what “Zoom networking” is, let me briefly describe how it worked. The app (Brella; it had a few glitches but it got the job done) initially asked you to fill in your profile, including your interests. Then it matched you with others, and essentially you went through the list and suggested whom you wanted to meet. Brella was managing everyone’s schedule, so you suggested already a specific 15 minutes time slot for a meeting, and the other person could accept, reject, or reschedule. Super easy. And I probably had 10-20 conversations per day, and I have to say that everyone I spoke to was super nice, the conversation was good, and I literally do not regret a single meeting. So also shoutout to everyone I met – you are awesome!

So if you are interested networking with me, just follow the calendly link, book a spot, and we are on (I’ll send you a Zoom link so please do make sure you have Zoom installed by the time we talk). If you really can’t make it during my “office hours”, say because your time zone is such that it is the middle of the night for you, then feel free to book a 15 minutes slot on my regular calendar, mentioning that you’d like to network and that my regular hours dont work for you.

I am looking to seeing you in my virtual office – and don’t be shy. Just drop in!

Schedule a Networking Meeting

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