I was having a bit of a hiatus, but I think I’ve quite a decent excuse, because I was extremely busy. Apart from my other project I was working on the Bancor release v2.1 where I was retained to write the economic analysis paper. This was actually very exciting, and I will make a podcast or two about it I promise. More exciting however is my new Botcast project which I believe is a world first: all TheShortSTOry podcasts will be available via a Telegram chatbot. This bot is, not unsurprisingly, called @TheShortSTOrybot. Go check it out!

  1. https://t.me/TheShortSTOrybot
  2. https://blog.bancor.network/proposing-bancor-v2-1-single-sided-amm-with-elastic-bnt-supply-bcac9fe655b
  3. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1en044m2wchn85aQBcoVx2elmxEYd5kEA/view

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