It is hard to navigate the fast-paced developments in security token offerings (“STOs”). The topic is at the intersection of traditional regulated finance and modern free-wheeling blockchain technology, and you need to understand both to understand STOs.

Stefan Loesch is the author of a popular book on Fintech regulation, a financial services veteran who served at McKinsey and JPMorgan, and a thought leader in the STO space. In this daily podcast Stefan will provide and solicit concise, no nonsense, no chit-chat expert commentary on one topic of interest arising from the current news flow.

Each episode will be between 3-8 minutes, depending on the complexities of the context of the news item discussed, with a strong focus on only the essentialy information, without the noise that nowadays so often surrounds the important nuggets of information out there. Also each episode is about one topic, and one topic only. So if you happen to not be interested in that particular topic you can simply skip to the next one.

The “The Short STOry” podcast is mostly targeted at people entering the field, including those who come from either the financial services or the blockchain side but are still lacking the joint vision. However, even if you are an expert in STOs and crypto assets, or you are just interested in this topic, this short and sharp no-nonsense podcast will probably be of interest for you.