In our series on interesting deals in the STO space, today a particular gem because of the unusual asset class and the people involved. Asset class first: this is a security token [1,2,3] giving the investors economic interest in an online game called Infinite Fleet. This security token is not to be confounded with Infinite Fleet’s in game currency [4]. In terms of people involved there is obviously Samson Mow who is heading Pixelmatic, the developer of the game, and who also has quite a high profile as CSO of Blockstream, a crypto infrastructure company. The backers include Adam Back, Blockstream’s CSO, Max Keiser, of the Keiser Report, and Charlies Lee the founder of LiteCoin who famously sold his holdings just before the market crashed.

The main deal platform seems to be BnkToTheFuture [5] who has supported quite a lot of companies raising fund in the crypto space, including Kraken [6,7]. The issuance is a SAFT, but they are planning to use the Liquid Network [10] eventually. Also involved STOKR [9] hence the deal being registerd both in the US and in Luxemburg.

For those interested in the legal framework under which the offering takes place, STOKR seems to only have an agent payments license from the French ACPR.

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